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 The new Balamory sign at Craignure station

All the signs were changed, watched over by 'Grumpy Dave', our very own railway controller, driver, engineer and man not to 'mess with'.

In the autumn of 2002, the B.B.C visited Mull Railway to film an episode of Balamory, for the Cbeebies production aimed at the younger end of the T.V. audience.  The railway was transformed for the afternoon into the Balamory Express. 

Grumpy Dave oversees the work

Dave and Lady of the Isles

We must also mention the Tobermory, or should I say, Balamory playgroup. >>>>

The real star of the show, besides Miss Hoolie, P.C. Plum, and of course Dave, was our Loco, Lotti (Lady of the Isles)

Tobermory playgroup take the stage

Anyway, enter Miss Hoolie, P.C.Plumb

Miss Hoolie, P.C. Plumb and the paygroup shoot the scene

Departure from the station

and the junior actors to shoot the scene.

Miss Hoolie and P.C. Plumb

Miss Hoolie and P.C. Plumb

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